Afternoon with Silvia

I was caught of guard when Silvia had contacted me, and had asked for a photoshoot. I had two shoots that were already booked in that week, and i made the decision that i would shoot with her in one of the places that i was using for another model as well. My only concern was that it would look to similar to shoot in the same space. So what i did was come up with a different technique of metering with the plan of developing them a little different from each other. The shoot i felt went quite well, as we focused on capturing images that were quite sensuous, and tactile. I have been working on a project that i have found quite difficult to put into words, but it seems i come closer to capturing it in some shoots more than others. Silvia was one of those models that i felt embodied the body of my project even though i can't quite define it. It is a sort of capturing of moments in between the moments. A way of connecting the viwer to the partiqular way i see the world, rather than telling them a story. It seems my pictures paint the picture better than my words, so i'll leave it at that.

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